8 Tips for Preparing your Fireplace for Winter

As the weather turns from cool to crisp we spend time through the day, dreaming of a cozy evening hearthside.  Thoughts of slippers and hot chocolate creep into our days and we feel grateful for the warm home that awaits us.  If your fireplace has stood dormant through the long hot summer it pays to spend some time preparing your fireplace for the increase in use that winter brings.  We have spent time looking through the best fireplace reviews in Australia, to bring you useful tips for gas fireplace maintenance.

  1. Read your manual.  While one of the less exciting preparations for winter, every gas fireplace can be different so it is worth familiarising yourself with the details of operating your fireplace safely, before use.
  2. Test the Blower and air vents for clear flow.  Be sure to clear dust to eliminate any fire hazard and any debris that may have gathered during summer.
  3. Clean the inside of your fireplace.  Most gas fireplaces have removable synthetic stones or logs for stunning visual effect, but which can gather dust.  The dust can catch and produce unwanted odours when you first light your fire, so wiping a sweep with a dustpan or a wipe with a damp cloth can make your nest safe and welcoming from first use. 
  4. Check the door of your fireplace. Cast your eye over the seals around the door to see there is no deterioration in seals keeping your fire in its place. While you’re there, give the glass a spruce with a damp cloth to ensure maximum fireplace ambiance.
  5. Confirm your pilot light is working and there is nothing in the way of your spark. Confirm your gas connection and valves are in good working order and not blocked by summer’s sporting gear or your gardening equipment.
  6. Check the Chimney or outdoor vent, to be sure it is free of anything that could block it and impair ventilation to your fireplace.
  7. Brush the Hearth and gather your fireplace accessories. Your local Lopi dealership 
  8. Book an inspection by an expert.  For peace of mind, it pays to have a professional inspect your fireplace and all connections, including gas flow and supply.  Doing this before you plan your first evening blaze gazing will ensure the peaceful enjoyment of your gas fireplace this winter. 

This winter is sure to start well when your home is warmed by a fireplace you have confidence in.  There are a variety of fireplaces available if you have yet to invest in this winter wonder. From Freestanding cast iron fires and stoves to inbuilt gas and electric options that provide stunning aesthetics while also provide consistent, low-cost, efficient heating to your home.  The are Lopi fireplace dealers across Australia and the team at Fireside are ready to help you prepare each year, with advice, inspections and helpful hints for a happy hearth. 

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