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If you are building, renovating or just tired of spending money on inefficient heating solutions talk to the team at Fireside. The Fireside Team are as experienced and knowledgeable as anybody in the Fireplace business. The Fireside Team have been personally selected to ensure exceptional standards from initial enquiry right up to when you light your fireplace for the very first time.

Fireside pride themselves on their service and expertise and they love that fireplaces transform homes and bring so much enjoyment to families and friendships once they’re installed. The Fireside Team welcomes all types of enquiries; they are as comfortable working with homeowners installing a fireplace into their existing home as they are working with architects, designers and builders needing fireplace specifications for a new home, building or renovation.

Our Promise to You


Providing great service is a pleasure when you love what you’re doing. We believe that Lopi and DaVinci create the world’s finest fireplaces. 

We go to great lengths to ensure our installers are the best in the business. They will work closely with you to make sure every detail is as you would have it. If you have contractors, architects or designers who need plans or specifications prior to installation, we’ll provide whatever they need to make their job easier. Our installers are tradespeople too, so they know how to fit in with building schedules and other tradespeople so there’s no inconvenience.

When it comes to installation, our installers make it easy. We want the experience of viewing, buying and installing a Lopi or Da Vinci fireplace to be memorable. Our satisfaction is a job well done.


We back Lopi fireplace technology, design and innovation because it disperses warmth evenly through your home and it keeps the environment free from the kind of harm caused by high emitting and inefficient heating systems. Not only are our fireplaces heating and environmentally efficient but our designs are suitable to any home – period, modern or a mixture of both – and you can choose from built in or freestanding designs for wood or gas.

If we were to stop using the expression ‘built like a tank’ we could just as easily say ‘built like a Lopi.’ Lopi freestanding wood fireplaces are hand made of either: heavy duty cast iron with beautiful contours, bold lines and a curved shape or; heavy gauge steel construction from the firebox to the solid 150mm air-tight doors and rolled cold steel hinges punched through the firebox, welded to the inside of the fireplace and reinforced with 20 mm steel rivets. Lopi fireplaces have three different door finishes to choose from and your freestanding Lopi fireplace has either cast or sculpted legs or a pedestal base. We suggest you take the time to look at the specifications of each design to decide which fireplace is best suited to your home or business.


The GreenSmart™ 2 System is the collection of components, controls and technology innovatively configured into one simple operating panel. The GreenSmart™ 2 System optimises heat output and energy efficiency.

Its features include:

  • Greensmart 2 Remote Control for fingertip control of all your fireplace features.
  • Smart thermostat mode to adjust the heat according to the temperature you pre-set. The smart thermostat will adjust the flame up and down rather than on and off like a standard thermostat. The smart thermostat conserves fuel and optimises heat efficiency and disperses heat evenly.
  • After setting the temperature use your GreenSmart remote to: 1) adjust the fan speed setting to any one of six speeds; 2) adjust your accent lighting and; 3) turn your back burner on or off depending on the season and your heating needs.
  • The accent lighting can be reduced to as little as a night light or soft atmospheric lighting. Alternatively, use the accent lighting to add a warm glow to your fireplace features or to light up the fireback. You can use the accent lighting whether the fireplace is on or off.
  • By automatically extinguishing your back burner, fuel is conserved and the heat is moderated. The front burner is left on for aesthetic appeal and maintaining an even temperature. We call it comfort control.

All Year Round

As winter invariably arrives it always seems to be colder than it was the year before. We put on an extra layer, rub our hands together and regret not being better prepared. Our installers and consultants are ready to install the perfect fireplace for your personal circumstances all year round. We can tell you exactly what needs to happen and when you need to do it so when that cold shift happens, you’re ready.

And the thing about a Lopi Fireplace is that they’re an eye-catching feature at any time of the year. A freestanding wood or gas fireplace adds character to an open living space and a built-in wood or gas fireplace complements the shape of a room. We can guarantee that your Lopi fireplace, freestanding or built-in, gas or wood, will be a permanent fixture in your home – Lopi fireplaces are built to last a lifetime.

DaVinci custom fireplaces are stunning and the perfect addition to any space, be it residential or commercial, all year round. The DaVinci range of fireplaces is non-heating; its row of rich coloured flames are encased in reinforced safe-touch glass so they’re safe and they’re available in a stunning range of shapes and formations. In summer or winter; spring or autumn, the DaVinci range of fireplaces are an amazing visual presentation.

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