Is a Wood Burning Fireplace Worth the Effort?

Nothing beats the warmth and relaxation that comes from a wood-burning fireplace in the comfort of your own home. Nowadays, many people are becoming aware of the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace. However, is a wood fireplace worth it? There are several things to consider before purchasing one. Here is an overview of what you need to know about wood-burning fireplaces and why they can be extremely rewarding to own.

What are the Basic Benefits?

A fireplace that burns natural wood logs provides two key types of warmth: radiant heat and convective heat. Radiant heat is what one feels when sitting near a fireplace, and convective heat is the warmth that comes from air heated by the fire moving throughout your home via the chimney.

The amount of heat produced by your fireplace is determined by various elements, including the kind of wood you burn, whether you use an insert and your chimney condition. You usually want dry wood that burns longer and generates more heat. You can also get an insert that will increase the heat output. Having your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly is recommended for safety reasons, but it can also help you get more heat out of your fireplace.

Are they cheaper than other heat sources?

Not only can you have a nice, warm wood fire burning in your fireplace, but you might also be able to save on your energy bills by burning wood instead of gas or relying on electric heaters to keep yourself warm at night. The cost of a wood fireplace is often more economical compared to other heating options. Even people choose to use their fireplace for something other than just keeping them warm at night. Some use it for cooking and smoking food, such as bacon, ribs, and salmon.

Why Should I Get One?

An indoor wood-burning fireplace offers many benefits over other types of home heating systems, which include:

  • Wood-burning fireplaces are decorative and add to your home’s interior design
  • Wood-burning fireplaces require no installation, though some assembly is sometimes required
  • Wood-burning fireplaces can keep you warm in just a few minutes
  • Wood-burning fireplaces can help increase the value of your home during resale
  • Wood-burner fireplaces are a great heat source for areas where central heating isn’t available or is just too expensive.

Are they Difficult to Operate?

Wood-burning fireplaces are extremely easy to operate. In most cases, you just have to open the damper and insert a log inside, light it up, and enjoy the warmth as you sit back and relax.

Most new models, such as the Lopi Wood fireplace, have built-in safety features, including child-proof locks to keep all consumers safe.

If you are not sure how to operate your fireplace, just consult the owner’s manual that came with it. If you do not have one or need more advice, call us at Fireside or look online for tutorials on your specific model.

Fireplaces are not challenging to operate, but there are several things to consider before purchasing a wood-burning fireplace for your home. It is essential to have enough chimney flue for proper ventilation. Many occupants do not realise how much heat comes out of a wood-burning fireplace, which can cause problems with mould growth in the home. Additionally, maintaining proper insulation in the attic and well-sealed windows and door frames is crucial to prevent cold drafts from entering your home, contributing to an efficient wood-burning fireplace experience.

The Advantages of Burning Clean Wood

There are many advantages to burning wood instead of other types of fuel such as gas or logs made from waste wood. Burning clean natural wood logs with a wood-burning fireplace can reduce your annual greenhouse gas emissions by almost 30%. These types of fires have no negative impact on indoor air quality. Burning wood emits far fewer pollutants into the environment when compared to other heating methods.

Although burning wood is seen as a traditional heating method, new technologies such as high-efficiency stoves and the use of additives in the firebox reduce emissions by 90% compared to an open fireplace. There is no denying that it takes some effort to keep your home heated with a gas or wood-burning fireplace, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Adds to your home ambience

Although all wood-burning fireplaces have their unique feel, one of the most positive aspects is the overall ambience it creates in any home. The crackling sound of a healthy fire is quite possibly the best sound known to man. The warmth that radiates from your wood-burning fireplace can provide an extra level of comfort during the winter months. And who doesn’t enjoy sipping hot choccy or cider next to a warm fire on a cool evening?

A wood-burning fireplace also provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather together during cold winter evenings, talk by the fire’s warmth, and enjoy each other’s company. Wood-burning fireplaces can add an extra element of territorial pride to your home, knowing that you are the only one on your street with this type of fireplace.

They require regular maintenance

Fireplaces like those that burn wood can be very useful and aesthetically pleasing, but they do require more maintenance than other fireplaces, such as cleaning out the chimney. This can get messy if it is not done regularly. When you close the fireplace for a few months and reopen it, you’ll need to follow the proper procedures. You also need to decide whether you want to cut and store your wood or purchase wood for your fireplace when you need it. If you choose to purchase, you also need to be mindful of when you are buying and ensure you beat the winter rush before you’re left with nothing. If you do not feel like maintaining the fireplace yourself, plenty of professional chimney cleaning services can handle this for you.

Wood burning fireplaces can bring you many different benefits, but they also have unique challenges. If you are prepared to do all of the work and upkeep required of them, then it might be worth the effort after all, especially if you enjoy having a nice, warm fire in your fireplace. If you’re interested in the world of fireplaces, check out our fireplace showroom in Sydney, and explore all the wood-burning fireplace options available to you!

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