Common Myths About Fireplaces That You Should Know

Fireplaces can open up your room space and make it warm and inviting. Of course, there are myths and rumours about fireplaces, and we will go through them here.

Chimneys don’t need maintenance

This is wrong. With most things, regular maintenance can help it stay in functioning shape to do its job. Over time, a chimney can build-up with soot and creosote (a by-product of burning wood), which if left unmanaged for too long, can pose a number of risks and hazards. Creosote is toxic, and can have a wide-range of effects on your health. If you come into contact with it, it can cause irritated skin and eyes. Inhaling its particles can cause respiratory problems over time.

An excessive amount of built-up creosote can also become a massive fire hazard. The walls of your chimney are left with deposits from the fire that are flammable, and if it ignites will create a scorching hot fire. This is one of the main causes of house fires around the world. 

The easiest way to remove this creosote buildup is to call a professional for chimney inspection and cleaning. Due to the risk of touching and inhaling it, you should not risk your own health and safety.

Kerosene can make a fire faster than wood

While Kerosene or any lighter fluid can make a fire fast, it’s not recommended as they contain harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals which you wouldn’t want in your home. The kerosene could also react with any buildup of creosote and may have disastrous results. The only reason you should use Kerosene is for a specially made Kerosene Heater, which has special filters for filtering out the harmful chemicals that fill the air.

I can leave the fire burning while heading out or sleeping

No this should never be done. Fires are wild and unpredictable, even in an enclosed space. If you are leaving the home for an extended period of time or going to sleep, leaving the fireplace unattended, then extinguish the flame. Leaving it burning overnight doesn’t provide much additional heat to your home, and would cause a lot of unnecessary smoke pollution. It’s also expensive to leave a gas heater running for too long, and could wear it out faster. You can only leave a fireplace burning overnight if you have done extensive preparation and know what you’re doing. If you want to do this, we highly recommend talking to a fireplace specialist.

There’s only one type of fireplace

No, there are a huge range and variety of fireplaces and heaters you can grab. You can pick from a variety of sizes and styles such as DaVinci fireplaces. They can also be run with gas or traditional wood burning. If you’re in the market but don’t know what suits your needs better, consult one of our experts on choosing between gas and wood-burning fireplaces.
For all your fireplace needs, talk to the experts at Fireside, who have extensive experience in the field. Consider exploring one of the fireplaces Sydney showrooms today.

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