Top 5 Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

If you want to revitalise the shell of a fireplace that lives rent-free in your home, many options are available. Fireplace repairs or complete rebuilds can be expensive, disruptive and take lots of time to complete. Here are the top 5 benefits of investing in a fireplace insert for your home or space instead of going through that process.

Better fireplace efficiency

The traditional fireplace may look appealing, but their efficiency rating of fuel to heat is generally under 15%, which is dismal. This is because conventional fireplaces can lose a lot of heat from the many open spaces in the hearth itself and through the chimney, meaning the heat has less impact on the room. Meanwhile, the designs of fireplace inserts can give you an efficiency range of 65% to 85%! Fireplace inserts are designed to make the most of the heat produced and allow your fuel source to heat your space faster and consistently. Take the Lopi DVL gas fireplace insert as an example of an elegant, efficient and eco-friendly fireplace.

Vastly cheaper than traditional fireplaces

A fireplace repair or replacement can be costly, depending on your circumstances and the amount of work. The price may fluctuate depending on how much they’ve been previously used, the hearth and chimney materials, and whether you want a redesign or a different type of fuel source fitted. Structural work of your home may also be needed, compiling everything into a sizable dent in your wallet. However, purchasing and installing a fireplace insert is an affordable, quick and easy way to get a fireplace roaring in your home.

There are eco-friendly options available

Most fireplace inserts can be less damaging to the environment. A standard fireplace allows the toxic fumes to escape into the atmosphere. Fireplace inserts for wood-burning fireplaces cleanly burn wood to minimise the production of toxic fumes. They are so clean that many can be used in smoke-free areas!

You’re not limited to one fuel type

Traditional fireplaces are usually associated with a wood-burning fire. With fireplace inserts, they can be installed with various fuel types to suit your needs and preferences. The most common and popular options are wood and gas fireplace insert installations, which provide the most extraordinary atmosphere, energy efficiency and usability on the market. 

When deciding between wood or gas fireplaces, it’s essential to do some research before diving in. Wood fireplaces provide a great atmosphere with the sound of a crackling fire, but you need a place to store your firewood. Firewood needs to be dry to make the most of it as well, so if you don’t have optimal space to store firewood, then gas may be up your alley. 

Many designs are available

Another great thing about fireplace inserts is the range of available styles. If you are looking for a certain aesthetic to fit your home or space, you have various options at your disposal. When making your final decision, keep in mind regular maintenance costs as well. Both wood and gas options are reasonably priced when it comes to professional maintenance, but they may play an essential role in your final decision.

For all your burning questions on fireplace inserts and more, please don’t hesitate to contact Fireside today! Their team of experts are ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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