Fireplaces for Small Living Rooms

Lopi design wood or gas fireplaces to suit any size room or design. Built in or freestanding fireplaces with different burner options in either logs, driftwood or stone offer heat flexibility and flames that make your room as enticing as it is comfortable…

You can really make something of a small room with a quality cast iron or stainless steel Lopi Fireplace. The specifications and design are suited to modern or period homes or a combination of both. Some comfortable armchairs with side tables and table lamps, a couple of throws and a few little touches like vases bursting with hibiscus and if you have a wood burning fireplace, a timber bucket filled with wood alongside your fireplace has an idyllic, timeless appeal.

For some small living room ideas, you need adequate seating and comfort but not clutter. Your Lopi fireplace should occupy centre stage. Lopi fireplaces make such an impact that you can minimise decor around them. But if you’re not careful, minimalism can look sparse – adding a rug, a couple of small lounges and a table between the lounges can be enough to make a room look lived in and cosy.

If you want to get the heating and aesthetic benefits of your Lopi Fireplace, position furniture in close proximity and then angle it in the direction of your fireplace. A floor rug aligned with the edges of the fireplace and chosen to suit the proportions of that section of the room can create space while still making the fireplace a focal point.

Of course the angles may vary depending on whether you have a freestanding or built in fireplace. A freestanding fireplace is likely to be away from the wall so you will need to design your small room to avoid making some of the room redundant.

Lopi fireplaces are constructed of either heavy gauge stainless steel or heavy duty cast iron. They extend warmth and they create character. They can transform how you use your room and how often. People who rarely entertain install a Lopi and become entertainers. The kids invite home their friends.

Lopi fireboxes are designed for security so they’re safe to leave unattended. The specifications and design are suited to modern or period homes or a combination of both. For fireplace installation in Sydney, call Fireside or visit our website /.

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