Fireside and Lopi – Leading the Way in Fireplace Design and Installation

Lopi wood and gas fireplace designers have made fireplace installation a functional, attractive and indispensable inclusion in every new home or refurbishment.

Gas fireplaces with variable flame control, greensmart ignition technology and heat output for areas of 150 and more square metres make the practicalities of heating a breeze. Add to that the ember, dancing and diamond burning options in driftwood or stones and you have a fireplace that’s as attractive as it is functional.

Lopi gas fireplaces are accessible to every home owner regardless of the size or style of their home. Large, traditional looking fireplaces with black or polished, heavy duty steel facades are great for bigger rooms while the streamlined, linear fireplaces are a great feature in smaller rooms. Each are made with the option of high dancing flames and linear designs have double sided ceramic glass for viewing from both sides.

The heavy duty steel construction of a Lopi wood fireplace is reinforced by commercial grade firebricks and a bypass damper system for smoke free reloading and easy start up. Both features produce fires that heat sooner, stay hot for longer and use less fuel. There’s a design with to suit the size and style of your home.

Lopi produce the world’s best fireplaces. View them today at Firesides’ new, state of the art showroom In Sydney’s Hills District. Fireside are the Hills District’s fireplace specialists and expert suppliers of all things Lopi.

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