Give Your Fireplace a Summer Makeover

One of the definitions of creativity is the ability to see the world in new and imaginative ways. If you apply that principle to your home then you’ll see that some of what you may think of as ‘redundant spaces’ are actually opportunities to apply your imagination and create something beautiful for Christmas.

It’s not able to perform its usual role so your fireplace is somewhat redundant in summer. Of course there’s lots to get on with. There is the task of buying a new fireplace in summer from our wood and gas fireplace showroom in Sydney and we’ve written a few blogs on fireplace safety and how summer is the ideal time to rid your fireplace from hazards like creosote and soot.

But with a bit of applied creativity you could transform your fireplace for summer and make it a decorative focal point. And it’s not just a matter of hanging a bit of tinsel over the tool set and wood holder. In fact the best thing to do with your tool set and wood holder is to stash them in the shed or garage until you need them. If you want to know how to decorate a fireplace for Christmas think about the available space that you have to get crafty. 

If you are looking for summer fireplace decor ideas, then there are three obvious opportunities: the mantel; hearth and the fireplace itself.  The hearth is ideal for some lovely, well sized planted pots overflowing with lush green leaves or some blossoms coloured for Christmas or complementary to the decor. Inside the fireplace you could stack some customised logs interspersed with pinecones. If you like antiquities and spend your time fossicking, where better to show off your eye for something unique. How about some dried flowers or if you have plenty of space something fresh in bloom chosen especially for Christmas day. 

If you would like to be really creative then a sculpture or bust inside the fireplace could be striking. It would be important to clean the space thoroughly unless you were going for a more industrial look which wouldn’t be out of place in a small workers cottage or bungalow. Consider a bust bookmarked by a pair of candlesticks or candelabra. The material they’re made of is really important. Wrought iron candlesticks with a stone or alabaster bust is quite different to a combination of brass and bronze. You’ll know the right look when you spend a lazy afternoon with a glass of your favourite beverage, some decorations and some heirlooms or specially chosen pieces to play around with. 

These and other topics are all discussions you can have with a Fireside representative when you visit our fantastic new showroom in Castle Hill. Drop by or give us a call, we’re there all year round.  

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