Most Common Mistakes When Buying a Fireplace

The appeal of sitting next to a toasty fireplace every night is hard to resist. The fireplace can be your number 1 heating solution for years to come when installed correctly. Before you rush into getting your fireplace installed professionally, do your research and understand the whole process first as you don’t just buy a fireplace every day. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when buying a fireplace.

Not addressing local regulations

In NSW, the Clean Air Regulation requires all new solid fuel home slow combustions heaters to comply with the Australian Standard for pollution emissions. Before you even think about designs and costs, talk to your local council to check whether you’re allowed to install a fireplace. You are placing a live fire in your home, and if you are in a bushfire prone area, you may not have the permission for a fireplace. If your house gets reported for excess wood smoke, you may be forced to quit using your new fireplace before you’ve reached its value.Not budgeting correctly

Not budgeting correctly

Many first-time fireplace buyers tend to underestimate all the costs associated with a fireplace installation. Understandably, most people are usually first time buyers as its not a standard or frequent purchase. Fireplaces are not a one time purchase and forget; they will require regular care and maintenance, not to mention fuel. When looking at fireplaces to purchase, take into account these fireplace expenses:

  • Wood and gas fireplace installation costs (upfront price may vary with fuel source)
  • Chimney flue installation costs (if necessary)
  • Fuel source costs (Electric, Wood-burning, gas-burning)
  • Scheduled maintenance costs (such as services)
  • General upkeep costs (e.g. cleaning)
  • Installation of a gas line for gas-burning fireplaces
  • Masonry costs
  • Vents
  • Outdoor fireplace costs
  • Replacing an old fireplace

Do some research or inquire about these points with your fireplace provider, so you understand how much the initial installation will cost, and the costs associated with upkeep, energy and maintenance.

Buying without an in-home review

The fun part of getting a new fireplace is browsing through all the types of fireplace designs and styles that are available. Although while a design may look good in your head, it helps to visualise it in your home before making the plunge properly. Either do this yourself, or coordinate with your fireplace provider, measure out your fireplace and see how big it will be in your space. Take a picture of the fireplace and position it where it will go to visualise it. Fireplaces are a significant investment in your home and will be a staple piece where your family and friends will gather, make sure you know all the details before adding a fireplace to your home.

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