How to Reduce Heat Loss from Your Fireplace

The traditional fireplace is a staple in any home for its atmosphere and heating, but they are poorly optimised for outputting heat efficiently. That doesn’t mean you should get rid of your fireplace, but utilise strategies and methods that will increase your fireplace’s efficiency. Here are some ways you can reduce your fireplace’s heat loss.

Understand why you’re losing heat

Many factors contribute to heat loss from the fireplace. It could be the fireplace itself, the fuel source, the chimney and infrastructure, or it may even be how your room and home is insulated. Take a look at these factors to see how you can get more heat from your fireplace.

A dirty fireplace and chimney draft can affect the quality of your fire and may eventually pose a risk to your health if creosote builds up. Regular chimney and fireplace maintenance will ensure your fireplace continues to burn at its best.

If your fireplaces burn wood, then ensure you’re using dry, seasoned wood. Dry wood burns far easier than a freshly cut log as they’ve had time to lose any contained moisture. Not only does a moist log produce less heat, but it also takes longer to burn and produces excessive smoke through your chimney, meaning it needs to be maintained more frequently. Dry logs burn more efficiently and can get far hotter.

Much of the heat produced from wood or gas fireplaces are lost to the chimney or through any gaps in the brick of your home. Any gaps that let in cool, outside air will affect the room’s heat and make it harder for your fireplace to keep a constant temperature. If you notice a draft entering from around the room, then try to fill those gaps to help keep the warm air in your room.

Install a fireplace insert

A fireplace insert is a device that’s installed into an existing fireplace. They are specifically designed to maximise the heat that your wood or gas fireplace produces, improving the heat efficiency of your home to 65% – 85%. Fireplace specialists will highly recommend an insert if you want increased fireplace efficiency and feel your fireplace’s impact. The top five benefits of having a fireplace insert are these:

  • Greatly improves fireplace efficiency
  • Vastly cheaper than traditional fireplaces
  • Eco-friendly heating options are available
  • You’re not limited to one fuel type
  • Many designs are available

Consult the experts

If you are unsure of the steps you can take to maximise the heat from your fireplace, then talk to the experts at Fireside. Fireside’s team of experts is all passionate about the world of fireplaces and will consider your situation and needs when finding the perfect solution for your heating needs. Check out their selection of fireplaces in Castle Hill today, and witness the variety and range of fireplaces they offer in both wood and gas burning varieties.

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