28th September 2017

The GreenSmart™ 2 System is the collection of components, controls and technology innovatively configured into one simple operating panel. The GreenSmart™ 2 System optimises heat output and energy efficiency.

Its features include:

  • Greensmart 2 Remote Control for fingertip control of all your fireplace features.
  • Smart thermostat mode to adjust the heat according to the temperature you pre-set. The smart thermostat will adjust the flame up and down rather than on and off like a standard thermostat. The smart thermostat conserves fuel and optimises heat efficiency and disperses heat evenly.
  • After setting the temperature use your GreenSmart remote to: 1) adjust the fan speed setting to any one of six speeds; 2) adjust your accent lighting and; 3) turn your back burner on or off depending on the season and your heating needs.
  • The accent lighting can be reduced to as little as a night light or soft atmospheric lighting. Alternatively, use the accent lighting to add a warm glow to your fireplace features or to light up the fireback. You can use the accent lighting whether the fireplace is on or off.
  • By automatically extinguishing your back burner, fuel is conserved and the heat is moderated. The front burner is left on for aesthetic appeal and maintaining an even temperature. We call it comfort control.