28th September 2017

We back Lopi fireplace technology, design and innovation because it disperses warmth evenly through your home and it keeps the environment free from the kind of harm caused by high emitting and inefficient heating systems. Not only are our fireplaces heating and environmentally efficient but our designs are suitable to any home – period, modern or a mixture of both – and you can choose from built in or freestanding designs for wood or gas.

If we were to stop using the expression ‘built like a tank’ we could just as easily say ‘built like a Lopi.’ Lopi freestanding wood fireplaces are hand made of either: heavy duty cast iron with beautiful contours, bold lines and a curved shape or; heavy gauge steel construction from the firebox to the solid 150mm air-tight doors and rolled cold steel hinges punched through the firebox, welded to the inside of the fireplace and reinforced with 20 mm steel rivets. Lopi fireplaces have three different door finishes to choose from and your freestanding Lopi fireplace has either cast or sculpted legs or a pedestal base. We suggest you take the time to look at the specifications of each design to decide which fireplace is best suited to your home or business.