All Year Round

28th September 2017

As winter invariably arrives it always seems to be colder than it was the year before. We put on an extra layer, rub our hands together and regret not being better prepared. Our installers and consultants are ready to install the perfect fireplace for your personal circumstances all year round. We can tell you exactly what needs to happen and when you need to do it so when that cold shift happens, you’re ready.

And the thing about a Lopi Fireplace is that they’re an eye-catching feature at any time of the year. A freestanding wood or gas fireplace adds character to an open living space and a built-in wood or gas fireplace complements the shape of a room. We can guarantee that your Lopi fireplace, freestanding or built-in, gas or wood, will be a permanent fixture in your home – Lopi fireplaces are built to last a lifetime.

DaVinci custom fireplaces are stunning and the perfect addition to any space, be it residential or commercial, all year round. The DaVinci range of fireplaces is non-heating; its row of rich coloured flames are encased in reinforced safe-touch glass so they’re safe and they’re available in a stunning range of shapes and formations. In summer or winter; spring or autumn, the DaVinci range of fireplaces are an amazing visual presentation.