Summer Time is the Best Time To Buy A Fireplace, Here’s Why

Question: Do you know people who will buy all of their Christmas presents for next year at this years Boxing Day and post Christmas sales?

Well you may not actually know anybody, or admit to it at least, but you know it happens … correct? And don’t we like to be judgmental about people who are that organised. Fastidious they are, obsessive – don’t they have anything better to do we scoff. The answer is: Yes they do, and they’re doing it while you’re getting your feet stomped on amidst the mayhem and chaos of Christmas Eve shopping.

It’s not quite that bad when you’re trying to buy a fireplace once winter has arrived but it’s certainly the least sensible time to buy a fireplace. The best time to buy a fireplace is to is in summer when you have time to think and time to prepare. I know we don’t like to think about staying warm inside when the temperatures are soaring but it makes really good sense and there are plenty of good, practical reasons why.

Here’s just a few of them:

Availability of stock: Whether it’s the middle of summer or on the verge of winter, fireplaces can be in and out of stock for no specific or obvious reason. Wood and gas fireplace inserts can have a rush on them in winter and no matter how many a retailer carries, they can run out of stock. The fireplace you want may be extremely popular or unpopular, both are reasons for it to be out of stock. In winter that’s a problem because you may have to wait for it to arrive and in the interim you are without a suitable heating source.

On the other hand if you need to order your fireplace in during summer then it’s no big deal, you can wait the four or so weeks it might take to arrive and still have plenty of time up your sleeve. Fireside fireplaces sell Lopi and DaVinci fireplaces from their fireplace showroom in Castle Hill. Sometimes it can take some a large number of homes being built and orders for multiple wood and gas fireplaces can unexpectedly deplete their stock. In summer it’s manageable, in winter it can lead to disappointment.

Installers are available. Question: When is peak season for a fireplace installation expert? If you said winter and just prior then you would be correct. Of course they’re less busy in summer because people aren’t thinking about getting a fireplace installed which makes it the best time to have a fireplace installed.

Trying to get a really good installation expert in winter is almost impossible if you haven’t booked months in advance. In summer choose your timing. The other issue with a fireplace installation in winter can be the weather. There’s a good chance they’ll need to spend some time outside installing a flu or inspecting the state of your chimney. If the weather is inclement then that can throw everything out and you not only lose a day, you might find that your installer is committed elsewhere and they won’t be able to reschedule for sometime. In summer, that won’t be an issue.

Summer specials: Of course demand is greater in winter so the likelihood of landing a bargain is significantly reduced. That’s not the case in summer when fireplace sales are naturally slower. You could potentially snag a great supply and installation deal that could add up to significant savings just by being organised and purchasing in the off season.

Summer is a great time to contact Fireside Fireplaces in Castle Hill. Fireside is the Hills District’s premier retail outlet for Lopi, the world’s finest freestanding and inbuilt low combustion wood and gas fireplaces and the Da Vinci, a glowing masterpiece of structural and decorative fireplace design. For function, quality and design excellence, Lopi and Da Vinci are unsurpassed. For in depth product knowledge, commitment to service and dedication to quality, Fireside is the Hills district’s fireplace specialist.

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