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The Hearth

Tips on Cooking with Your Lopi Wood Stove

The smell of burning wood and the warm atmosphere a wood burning stove brings to your space is hard to ...
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Storing Firewood Inside – How to do it right

Your fireplace’s toasty roar can only last with the right firewood behind it. tDepending on your situation, you never know ...
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Things to Know Before Converting Your Wood-Burning Fireplace to Gas

There comes a point in time when the beloved wood-burning fireplace loses its appeal. There may be nothing like the ...
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5 Winter Fireplace Safety Tips You Should Know

We’re in the middle of winter, and we trust that you’ve been well acquainted with your fireplace by now. Don’t ...
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Freestanding or Built-in Fireplaces? Which One to Get?

Before we knew it, summer had long passed us and the winter chill had finally come. If you’ve been thinking ...
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7 Tips to Get Your Home Winter Ready

If you haven’t felt it already, winter is fast approaching. Don’t fret however, there is still plenty of time to ...
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Cleaning the fireplace while stuck in quarantine? Here are some tips

Winter is coming and temperatures are dropping, so if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace now’s the perfect time ...
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Common Myths About Fireplaces That You Should Know

Fireplaces can open up your room space and make it warm and inviting. Of course, there are myths and rumours ...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wood Fireplaces

It may be hard to believe that we’ve officially changed from summer to autumn. If you are looking to install ...
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