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  • Fireplace For Contemporary Des

    The Hottest Fireplace Trends For Contemporary Design

    Clean, unadorned interiors are at the heart of contemporary design. Creating smooth lines, with a less is more attitude, has defined the mindset of the 21st century designer. This changing mindset had come much to the dismay of lovers of the classic fireplace. Bulky looking and without much design flexibility, the classic fireplace did not […]

  • Lopi DVS & DVL With Multiple Burner & Media Options

    Introducing the Lopi DVS & DVL With Multiple Burner & Media Options

    These direct vent gas inserts come in 2 different sizes, large and small to suit most existing chimney applications. They use flexible flue pipe for ease of installation and have the option of both multiple face options as well as the choice of two different types of log, stone or driftwood media. The amazingly realistic […]