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    The Top Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel

    Does your fireplace lack the same appeal it once had? A remodel can change the appearance of your fireplace, improve its heat effectiveness and bring a completely new atmosphere to your room as a centrepiece, as well as improving safety. Take a look at the top benefits that come with a fireplace remodel before taking […]

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    Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Glass Door to your Fireplace

    Your trusty fireplace not only keeps you and your guests warm and toasty but also acts as a piece of art which sets a cozy atmosphere. An open fireplace may sound sophisticated, but various safety hazards come from the lack of a glass door on your fireplace. Here are our top five benefits of adding […]

  • buying a fireplace in Sydney

    Most Common Mistakes When Buying a Fireplace

    The appeal of sitting next to a toasty fireplace every night is hard to resist. The fireplace can be your number 1 heating solution for years to come when installed correctly. Before you rush into getting your fireplace installed professionally, do your research and understand the whole process first as you don’t just buy a […]