The Hearth

  • Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2 Double-sided fireplace

    Advantages of a Double-sided Gas Fireplace

    Nothing beats the comfort of a crackling, heartwarming fireplace. The atmosphere and heat fireplaces can bring to a room are often irreplaceable, but what if you can get twice the value for the same product? Here are some advantages of investing in a double-sided fireplace for your home or space. Heat two rooms at the […]

  • Lopi Liberty 2020 Stove for heating and cooking

    Tips on Cooking with Your Lopi Wood Stove

    The smell of burning wood and the warm atmosphere a wood burning stove brings to your space is hard to beat. Wood burning stoves are not only an amazing source of heat and a great conversation piece, they can also be an effective cooking appliance as well! If you are looking into the benefits of […]

  • storing firewood

    Storing Firewood Inside – How to do it right

    Your fireplace’s toasty roar can only last with the right firewood behind it. tDepending on your situation, you never know if your firewood has hidden bugs such as termites, or has too much moisture. We’ll tell you how you can keep yourself and your home safe, and how to store your wood right. Understand wood […]