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    What is GreenSmart 2™

    The GreenSmart™ 2 System is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology that when combined provide an elegant, smarter and greener way to heat your home. The GreenSmart 2™ features include; GreenSmart 2 Remote Control, Smart Thermostat Mode, Remote Blower Operation, Accent Lighting*, Comfort Control™, Continuous or GreenSmart™ Pilot and Drop Down or […]

  • GreenStart Igniter for Wood Stoves

    Introducing Greenstart – Easy Ignition For Your Wood Heater

    Starting your wood stove has never been easier as Lopi has revolutionised the way consumers today start wood fires! The GreenStart igniter has made getting your fire burning as convenient as pushing a button. Additionally all of the mess of starting a fire with matches and newspapers is no longer part of the process. The […]

  • Fireplace For Contemporary Des

    The Hottest Fireplace Trends For Contemporary Design

    Clean, unadorned interiors are at the heart of contemporary design. Creating smooth lines, with a less is more attitude, has defined the mindset of the 21st century designer. This changing mindset had come much to the dismay of lovers of the classic fireplace. Bulky looking and without much design flexibility, the classic fireplace did not […]