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  • converting to gas fireplace

    Things to Know Before Converting Your Wood-Burning Fireplace to Gas

    There comes a point in time when the beloved wood-burning fireplace loses its appeal. There may be nothing like the crackling sound and aroma a wood-burner brings, but you quickly find out how much maintenance and upkeep they require. For some it becomes too much, and it’s a large reason why people look into converting […]

  • using fireplace in winter

    5 Winter Fireplace Safety Tips You Should Know

    We’re in the middle of winter, and we trust that you’ve been well acquainted with your fireplace by now. Don’t forget that with increased usage, comes extra care and maintenance. Here are 5 of our fireplace safety tips to keep your fireplace lasting for the rest of this winter, and the next winters to come. […]

  • Lopi Freestanding fireplace

    Freestanding or Built-in Fireplaces? Which One to Get?

    Before we knew it, summer had long passed us and the winter chill had finally come. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home’s central heating, then look no further than a fireplace. Fireplaces are greatly aesthetic landmarks in your home that can provide copious amounts of heat through a variety of methods.  With gas […]