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  • wood stove Fireside Heating Sydney

    Common Signs Your Wood Stove Needs Replacing

    There are some very good reasons to replace your wood stove. Some of them are because your wood stove simply gives up: It warps or it’s sluggish; the wood stove insert is not heating; it seems to be churning through the wood or maybe it stops producing heat as efficiently as it should. They’re the […]

  • fireplace showroom in Castle Hill

    Summer Time is the Best Time To Buy A Fireplace, Here’s Why

    Question: Do you know people who will buy all of their Christmas presents for next year at this years Boxing Day and post Christmas sales? Well you may not actually know anybody, or admit to it at least, but you know it happens … correct? And don’t we like to be judgmental about people who […]

  • fireplace christmas decorating ideas in Australia

    Decorate Your Fireplace for Christmas

    Just because we don’t get snow, that doesn’t mean our fireplaces are redundant at Christmas time. In fact if you have chosen well and decorated your home using your fireplace as the room’s centerpiece then it can be a great feature at Christmas time, whether it’s snowing or not. Because it’s the focal point of […]