The Hearth

  • Wood and gas fireplaces

    Wood or Gas Fireplace. Which One Is Best For You?

    You’ve decided you’re going to invest in a fireplace and you’ve started making some enquiries about the best options for efficiency (both energy and cost), convenience, maintenance, safety and the environment – which will probably bring you back to discussing efficiency. From your childhood, or another time, you have either cosy homespun memories of a […]

  • Small Living Room with fireplace

    Fireplaces for Small Living Rooms

    Lopi design wood or gas fireplaces to suit any size room or design. Built in or freestanding fireplaces with different burner options in either logs, driftwood or stone offer heat flexibility and flames that make your room as enticing as it is comfortable… You can really make something of a small room with a quality […]

  • Best fireplaces in Sydney

    Fireside and Lopi – Leading the Way in Fireplace Design and Installation

    Lopi wood and gas fireplace designers have made fireplace installation a functional, attractive and indispensable inclusion in every new home or refurbishment. Gas fireplaces with variable flame control, greensmart ignition technology and heat output for areas of 150 and more square metres make the practicalities of heating a breeze. Add to that the ember, dancing […]