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  • fireplace during summer in Sydney

    Give Your Fireplace a Summer Makeover

    One of the definitions of creativity is the ability to see the world in new and imaginative ways. If you apply that principle to your home then you’ll see that some of what you may think of as ‘redundant spaces’ are actually opportunities to apply your imagination and create something beautiful for Christmas. It’s not […]

  • fireplace safety tips

    Top Fireplace Safety Tips You Should Always Remember

    We’re heading into summer and those cold winter months are fast becoming a distant memory. To some extent your fireplace is probably redundant for at least six months unless you are somewhere in the State where hot days are contrasted by some pretty chilly nights. I can think of a few places where that’s the […]

  • clean fireplace in a living room

    End of Season Fireplace Cleaning Tips

    Winter is over, well very close to it, and the last thing you’ll be thinking about in the warm summer months is your fireplace. But not so fast, before you close the door on your fireplace you need to do a major clean up. You need to organise an annual chimney sweep to rid your […]