The Top Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel

Does your fireplace lack the same appeal it once had? A remodel can change the appearance of your fireplace, improve its heat effectiveness and bring a completely new atmosphere to your room as a centrepiece, as well as improving safety. Take a look at the top benefits that come with a fireplace remodel before taking the plunge.

Fireplace facelift

The most obvious benefit of a fireplace makeover is that you’re free to redesign it as you please. You can change your fireplace to have a traditional or contemporary look, or you can replace the space with a firebox. If design and appearances are your main priority for a fireplace, then talk with your fireplace provider about the options available to you. Various situations and building types may have limited customizability, so find out what’s in your scope. An open fireplace or firebox both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Improve heating efficiency

Fireplaces generate lots of heat, so long as you’re standing close by. However, in many cases, fireplaces can end up expelling that heat through the chimney, leaving you cold. Some traditional hearths can’t output the same amount of heat that modern ones can output. If you find your fireplace lacks in providing good heat, then a modern fireplace remodel will fix that. For example, installing a fireplace door can significantly improve fireplace heating efficiency as well as improving safety. Fireplace doors help retain heat from the fire as its distributed through your rooms. An adjustment to your venting system, chimney and damper can also significantly affect the heating quality and output of your fireplace. 

Customise for your needs

Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. Your home may have a grand fireplace, but it doesn’t quite fit your needs. If you wanted a gas fireplace but have a wood-burning one, then you can quickly get it modified. Different burning methods have different requirements, pros, and cons, so it is understandable if you have a preference. Wood burning cam is cheaper to run but requires more maintenance and cleaning. Gas is convenient and is a great heater, but it still needs its care and may cost a bit more to run. You may also be updating an outdoor fireplace to optimise its heating capacity. If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace, consider installing one as your perfect outdoor heating solution that doubles as an entertainment location.

For whatever your heating remodelling needs are, get in touch with Fireside. Fireside is the heating and fireplace experts who have years of experience in all things heating. Whether outdoor or indoor, Fireside can answer all your burning questions with ease and give you the best advice for moving forward with heating related projects.

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