Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Glass Door to your Fireplace

Your trusty fireplace not only keeps you and your guests warm and toasty but also acts as a piece of art which sets a cozy atmosphere. An open fireplace may sound sophisticated, but various safety hazards come from the lack of a glass door on your fireplace. Here are our top five benefits of adding a glass door to your fireplace.

Improved safety

Wood burning fireplaces don’t burn all the same. Depending on your fireplace, wood sparks and embers likely pop out every once in a while. Some types of wood are more prone to sparks, and as the wood begins to burn down, it shifts around and can potentially roll out of the fireplace. A glass door will ensure all sparks and embers stay in the fireplace, and prevents any hot logs from rolling out. Sparks not only damage nearby belongings like carpets, rugs and fabric furniture, but they can also be a dangerous fire hazard in the right set of circumstances. Never skimp on your fireplace safety.

If you have pets or small children, a glass door will stop them from physical harm by the raw flame, but the fireplace glass door will still be hot, so you much ensure they never touch the doors. In some circumstances, a protective screen may be necessary as an additional precaution.

Better heating efficiency

The traditional open-hearth fireplace may be timeless, but they often allow lots of heat to escape and become wasted. Experts estimate that a glass door can triple the heat output of your fireplace as the heat radiates into the room through the glass doors, instead of being blocked or stuck in the fireplace itself, significantly improving fireplace efficiency.

Lowers your operational costs

Some fireplaces are often compared to an open window in your home. If the fireplace hearth, chimney or dampers aren’t sealed properly, they can allow air to escape or enter a home. This can reduce the effectiveness of insulated homes, and prevents your home from staying warm in winter, or cold in summer. A properly installed glass door provides a strong seal which keeps heat where it’s meant to be, in your home.

Prevents smoke from leaking into your home

Chimney smoke can be overwhelming, and in an open hearth, there’s a great chance of that smoke missing the chimney and entering your home instead. Keep yourself and your family safe from the harmful effects of inhaling fire smoke by installing a glass door. The seal of a glass door will ensure all smoke expells through the chimney and out of your home.

Improves aesthetics

Glass doors can significantly enhance the appearance of a fireplace. They’re refined, practical and showcase the flames inside spectacularly. The Lopi 864 Clean Face is an example of the beauty fireplaces can have, and how they can become a great addition to your living space.

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