What is GreenSmart 2™

The GreenSmart™ 2 System is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology that when combined provide an elegant, smarter and greener way to heat your home. The GreenSmart 2™ features include; GreenSmart 2 Remote Control, Smart Thermostat Mode, Remote Blower Operation, Accent Lighting, Comfort Control™, Continuous or GreenSmart™ Pilot and Drop Down or Glide-Away™ Concealments Doors. The GreenSmart 2™ Remote is a remarkable controller allows you to run all features of the fireplace. In “Smart Thermostat Mode” the fire automatically adjusts the heat output based on the temperature setting you’ve chosen. This means the flame will modulate up/down as opposed to instantly shutting off/on like normal thermostat. This conserves fuel, maximizes heating ability and offers a more even heat while extending the viewing pleasure of the fire.

GreenSmart™ 2 Features

Thermostat / Manual Modes

The GreenSmart™ 2 system allows for the fireplace to be used in a manual mode whereby the home owner manually adjusts the controls or in a choice of 2 thermostat modes described below:

‘On’ Thermostat Mode:

Thermostat control setting turns the fire automatically ON and OFF to maintain a set

‘Smart’ Thermostat Mode:

In ‘Smart’ Thermostat mode the flame will modulate from low to high, or high to low until the set temperature is reached. This will conserve fuel usage and extend the viewing pleasure of the fire. If the room temperature exceeds the thermostat setting, the unit will shut off until heat is required again.
This is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. After choosing your temperature you may adjust the fan speed setting, including on or off, turn on or off your accent light and turn on or off your back burner (Comfort Control) depending on the season and your heating needs.

Comfort Control™ Features:

With the push of a button on the GreenSmart remote, the Comfort Control will turn off the rear burner whilst leaving the front burner on for an attractive flame appearance when less heat output is the priority. This feature not only ensures your comfort, but does not waste energy when less heat is desired.

Blower Operation:

With simple remote operation the blower can operate from either off to a choice of six speeds.

Accent Lights:

Accent Lights are standard features in all Lopi gas fireplaces. This feature adds a warm glow to both the logs and optional firebacks and can be used when the fire is on or off. This is perfect as a night light or soft indirect light for the room, the Accent Light allows visual enhancement of your fireplace 365 days a year.

Continuous or GreenSmart™ Pilot:

This switch allows you to operate your fireplace in either continuous (CPI) or GreenSmart™ (IPI) modes. In continuous pilot mode your pilot stays on and is ideal during winter months when maintaining a warm flue to ensure a reliable operation. In GreenSmart™ Pilot mode, the pilot flame ignites via an intermittent (IPI) spark. It does not run continuously and thus conserves energy when the appliance is not being operated in the spring and summer. The GreenSmart™ system includes an automatic battery back-up, ensuring proper ignition even during power outages.

Glide-Away™ or Drop Down Concealment Door*

The control valve and wires are hidden by a concealment door to provide an elegant, more finished appearance.

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