What to Do With Your Fireplace During the Warm Seasons

As spring comes around and the weather warms up, you might be wondering about what you can do with your fireplace. Well there’s always some wood and gas fireplace maintenance that you can attend to and, depending on the type of fireplace you have, your fireplace doesn’t need to become redundant as a form of decoration.

Think Da Vinci

If you have a sleek, contemporary and stylish DaVinci fireplace there are no design limitations at any time of the year. The DaVinci is a non heating spectacle that displays a rich ribbon of dancing flames. In summer or winter the DaVinci creates a wonderful ambience and focal point. It’s ideal for home or business, especially restaurants. View the DaVinci at Fireside fireplaces in Castle Hill.


Some design ideas are really simple. You can add some decorative logs , dress up the ledge on your fireplace if you have one, or dress the surrounding area with some bookshelves or eye catching artwork. There are some issues about hanging televisions, especially the wiring, but if you check the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure that the heat generated by your television and the heat from your fireplace isn’t a bad combination.

You could keep a flame flickering on low. Even in spring the nights can get cool so a low heat flame could keep your rooms at an even and pleasant temperature.


If you have a Lopi gas fireplace, obviously you don’t need to worry about chimney sweeping or cleaning up ash or soot. But you are still dealing with gas so you should be getting a maintenance check to make sure the burners are working properly. Sometimes our specialists can get busy in autumn so spring could be good time to arrange a maintenance check, it’s a less busy time of the year.

Obviously wood burning fireplaces do have those cleaning issues and when your fireplace is not being used is the best time to attend to maintenance. And while wood burning fireplaces are charming and a real focal point in winter, they do require work. So, if you’re over wood fireplaces and the work they require, then upgrade in the off season.


Spring is a great time of year for fireplace makeovers. Linear gas built in fireplaces are really stylish and they can look great as an architectural feature at any time of the year. Freestanding gas fireplaces have a traditional and stylish look about them. With the latest technology now available in a variety of sizes and styles, you can install a gas fireplace in any room as long as there is adequate ventilation. Think about the age and style of your home. What kind of statement are you trying to make and what purpose and function are they needing to fulfill.

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