Wood or Gas Fireplace. Which One Is Best For You?

You’ve decided you’re going to invest in a fireplace and you’ve started making some enquiries about the best options for efficiency (both energy and cost), convenience, maintenance, safety and the environment – which will probably bring you back to discussing efficiency.

From your childhood, or another time, you have either cosy homespun memories of a wood burning fireplace, or misgivings. That’s not surprising. There are some major benefits and attractions to having a wood burning fireplace, not least the smell, they are as synonymous with winter as a bowl of hot soup.There are other advantages too. They blend easily into a room and they don’t require a gas line. If you have a chimney and there are no blockages then you can light your fire, which to be honest, isn’t as easy as just flicking a switch but you do get to implement what you learnt at boy or girl scouts.

The other thing to remember is that Lopi don’t manufacture ordinary wood fireplaces and Fireside aren’t your run of the mill fireplace supplier. Fireside are the fireplace specialists in Sydney and the Hills District. We’ll fit you out with a wood burning fireplace, built in or freestanding, that will not only be efficient in every way but blend perfectly with your interior.

Having said that, there are efficiencies to a gas fireplace that can’t be ignored. They include: no smell; no mess (not that Lopi fireplaces leave a mess but there are ashes); they’re easy to ignite; they don’t require a chimney but they do require a small exhaust pipe; they are cost and environmentally efficient and much easier to install. They don’t have the mesmerising attributes of a thriving wood fire but they are attractive in other ways. Lopi gas fireplaces have dancing flames with different burner options in either logs, driftwood or stone to offer heat flexibility and flames to make your room as enticing as it is comfortable. Technically they are safer. Burning embers don’t escape gas fireplaces.

The Freestanding Gas Stoves are a traditional cast iron freestanding fireplace that features the award winning Ember-Fyre burner with a high definition Log. The venting options mean that it can flue off the top or directly off the rear. The large heating capacity and 3 panels of ceramic glass mean incredible heat and an incredible view.

The truth is, with a Lopi you could go with either option. You will find efficiencies in both when comparing the specifications of each model and their and suitability to your requirements. Gas fireplaces are less expensive all round so it’s hard to argue against their efficiencies. But the crackling sound and enticing smell of burning wood is just as compelling for different reasons.

The outstanding design efficiencies and indestructible construction of Lopi wood or gas fireplaces make them a genuine asset to the value of your home. It really comes down to personal circumstances and preference.

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