Advantages of a Double-sided Gas Fireplace

Nothing beats the comfort of a crackling, heartwarming fireplace. The atmosphere and heat fireplaces can bring to a room are often irreplaceable, but what if you can get twice the value for the same product? Here are some advantages of investing in a double-sided fireplace for your home or space.

Heat two rooms at the same time

One of the most significant advantages of the double-sided fireplace is its ability to heat two rooms at once, which presents a vast range of possibility and opportunity to design and use your space. Speaking of space, fireplaces can take up a surprising amount of it. The great thing about a double-sided fireplace is that it sits in between two rooms, saving more floor and wall space for other furniture or simply more space.

Distributes heat better

One downside of traditional fireplaces is that they’re often on the wall in the distance somewhere, and you can only enjoy the raw heat of the flame when standing next to your fireplace. You’ll also find that the ends of your room may feel a bit colder, especially if cooler air from the other spaces is coming in. Double-sided gas fireplaces are positioned in the centre of the room, allowing them to not only heat both rooms but distributes heat more evenly, making them perfect heating solutions for larger rooms.

Cheaper to run over two fireplaces

The fewer heat sources you have to power, the lighter the costs will be on your wallet. Double-sided fireplaces eliminate the need to run multiple fireplaces as it can cover the heat for both rooms. This saves you on gas that’s needed to run both! Additionally, the number of fireplaces you’ll need to clean and maintain stays at one, saving you even more time, effort and money over maintaining two or more fireplaces.

Requires only one chimney and flue

Normally, the installation of an additional chimney also requires the installation of another fire and chimney to vent the fumes. A double-sided fireplace is essentially one fireplace doing the work of two, so no additional installations are required. This means you only need to maintain one chimney as well.

Adds art to your space 

To many, the fireplace not only brings the heat but adds a level of elegance as an art fixture. There are almost infinite design possibilities today for fireplaces that you can have a custom made fireplace specifically for your space. In terms of fuel source, gas fireplaces offer more designs with the Lopi double-sided fireplace, and they produce less smoke and dust over wood-burning fireplaces. Gas also feature lower operating costs than electric and require less maintenance than wood, making them the most popular fuel source. If you are thinking of converting your wood fireplace to gas, there are a few things you should keep in mind so do your research!

There are many advantages to a double-sided gas fireplace. If you have any doubts or concerns that aren’t addressed in this article, talk to the experts in fireplaces at Fireside today. Fireside deal with a vast variety of gas fireplaces in Castle Hill, and can get you prepared for the cooler months today.

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