How to Get the Most Heat From a Gas Fireplace

Fireside are gas fireplace specialists. Freestanding or built in for large spaces or small. We have a gas fireplace for every purpose and gas fireplace inserts for period and modern homes.

Why gas?

The beauty of gas fireplaces, beyond their aesthetic appeal, is how practical and cost efficient they are. But just because they are the most efficient heating system you can invest in, there are still other ways that you can gain even more efficiency from them.

Ceiling fans

Turn on your ceiling fans and make sure they run clockwise to pull cool air up from the floor and push the warm air down. Run them on low speed so they don’t circulate so much air that you feel a cool breeze. If you don’t have ceiling fans then buy a box fan and place it strategically to push the warmth further into the open space or even other rooms. If you have a split level home then use vents on both levels so the warm air circulates upwards into the upper floor.

Insulate and seal anywhere that heat can escape

Insulating doesn’t just mean bats in the ceiling or insulation in your walls, as important as insulation is. Windows, doors, and air escaping to other levels of the house are the greatest source of heat loss. Make sure you have seals on all your doors. Get some plastic covering to place inside your windows. If you have a period home make sure there are no gaps around your double hung windows because, over time, gaps can appear between sashes. Insulation and retaining heat is how you keep energy costs down.

Furniture can block the flow of warm air so it’s a good idea to be strategic about where you place furniture in your living and other spaces. To improve heat flow, check your rooms for furniture that might be blocking vents. This includes rugs and even curtains. Clear it away – that includes rugs and curtains – and allow the heat to circulate more effectively.


A fireplace heater system should always be treated with respect because fire is potentially hazardous. When you are using gas it’s important to  follow safety precautions. Get a licensed professional to install your gas fireplace to ensure that the work is done correctly. Don’t forget to ensure that you have working carbon monoxide detectors installed on each floor of your home, especially near bedrooms. 

If you take our tips then you won’t need to run your gas fireplace on the highest setting. As beautiful as the flames look, if you do all that you can to retain your heat then you can keep your gas on lower settings and experience the practical and economic efficiencies that gas can offer. Soon you notice that your gas fireplace monthly cost is starting to drop.For gas fireplaces in Sydney, contact Fireside Fireplaces. We have a huge showroom in Castle Hill and a team of experts who know the fireplace business back to front. We’re open 7 days and we’d love to see you. It’s not too late to order a fireplace for the remaining months of cold weather. Call us today.

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