Lopi DVL GS2

Lopi DVL GS2

Starting from $5567

RRP does not include installation, flue or optional finishing items

The Lopi DVL GS2 Gas Insert is designed to turn your existing fireplace into an economical and beautiful heat source. You’ll still enjoy a gorgeous fire without loosing the heat out your chimney! If you require a smaller version check out the DVS GS2

lopi dvl gs2

Heating Capacity Up to 185sqm
Mj Input 40Mj High 11.9Mj Low NG / 7.4Mj LPG
Kw Output 8.8Kw
Visible Glass Size 705mm wide x 428mm high
Installation Type Masonry Installation
Venting System Direct Vent Technology
Blower Dual Blowers
Burner System Dancing-Fyre™ or Ember-Fyre™
Accent Lights Included
Remote Control Wall Mounted GreenSmart Thermostat Remote
Media Options

  • lopi dvl gs2 - ember fyre

    Ember-Fyre™ Log

  • lopi dvl gs2 - dancing fyre log 1

    Dancing-Fyre™ Traditional Log

  • lopi dvl gs2 - driftwood 1

    Dancing-Fyre™ Driftwood Fire Art™

  • lopi dvl gs2 - rock

    Dancing-Fyre™ Fyre-Stone Rock™

Face / Panel Options

  • lopi dvl gs2 - times square face

    Time Square Face

  • lopi dvl gs2 - DVL_Profile_Blk

    Profile Face Black

  • lopi dvl gs2 - DVL_Profile_ss

    Profile Stainless Steel

  • lopi dvl gs2 - metroplitan


  • lopi dvl gs2 - cypress


  • lopi dvl gs2 - shadowbox Face Black

    Shadowbox Black

  • lopi dvl gs2 - shadowbox Face Bronze

    Shadowbox Bronze

  • lopi dvl gs2 - Rosario_Black


  • lopi dvl gs2 - UniversalFace_Sm

    Universal Small

  • lopi dvl gs2 - Wilmington CP

    Wilmington Carbon Patina

  • lopi dvl gs2

    3 Piece Panel

  • lopi dvl gs2

    1 Piece Panel

  • lopi dvl gs2

    4 Sided 1 Piece Panel

Fireback Liner Options (Please note that firebacks are optional)

  • lopi dvl gs2 - enamel


  • lopi dvl gs2 - handmade brick

    Handmade Brick

  • lopi dvl gs2 - herringbon


  • lopi dvl gs2 - ledgestone


  • lopi dvl gs2 - straight brick

    Straight Brick

Download Gas Warranty Details As PDF