Wood-Burning Stove vs Fireplace: What’s the Difference?

Fireplaces are a great way to provide warmth into your home when you need that added support that blankets and layers of clothing simply cannot offer. Fireplaces mean that you are not relying on other heating methods like heaters or central heating. But you may be wondering, wood-burning stove versus fireplace, these are two methods that you can consider getting once Winter has rolled around. But what are the differences between these two, and which would be best for you? We will look at these two types of warming methods in your home and why both are good installations to your home this cold season. 

When considering what type is right for you, it’s best to consider the benefits of each of them. You may decide on a wood burning fireplace insert because it is a beautiful addition to your home. Not only does it add a pleasant smell into the room and overall home, but it is also aesthetically pleasing for your house. You can add tiles like marble to the fireplace to create a stunning piece to any room you add it to. You cannot add to wood burning stoves, so you may find that a wood burning fireplace may be right for you if you want to add a certain touch to it. Not only would you get the nice homey, comfortable feel that a fireplace can provide for your home, but you can get the added touches too! However, a downside to this type of fireplace is the wood burning fireplace efficiency. To produce more heat, it needs more wood than the wood-burning stove option, so you may find yourself using more wood with this option to get the job done. When deciding on getting a fireplace over a wood-burning stove, this is something to consider, but it is still an excellent option for those looking to add warmth to your homes. 

There are a few reasons to consider a wood stove installation in your household. A wood-burning stove is safer for your family because it has a glassdoor that separates and protects you from the fire. This is great for families with small children, and you can get the warmth from the wood-burning stove and make sure everyone is safely away from any embers or gases. They are also easier to maintain than a traditional fireplace because they are much smaller and compact than them. This could be good if you do not have the space to set up like a fireplace usually does. If you enjoy the aesthetic of a traditional fireplace, you also have the option to instal a more modern wood stove design within your home. This would mean you get the bonuses of a wood-burning stove with the added appeal of a traditional fireplace. Wood-burning stoves are also able to perform as a cooking appliance too! A wood stove with a cooking surface means that you are getting two uses out of this heating method. This option has so many different benefits to it. It is a great option to consider as an addition to your home this Winter. 

Overall, there are a few differences between a wood-burning stove and a fireplace. You really need to consider what is best for you based on these differences as they have different uses. But, both types would be great additions to your home to help create warmth for you and your family, and you will easily find that one is perfect for you. 

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