Common Signs Your Wood Stove Needs Replacing

There are some very good reasons to replace your wood stove. Some of them are because your wood stove simply gives up: It warps or it’s sluggish; the wood stove insert is not heating; it seems to be churning through the wood or maybe it stops producing heat as efficiently as it should. They’re the logical reasons and they are very good reasons. Because something gets really old and stops working is the reason we renew most things.

However, and it’s a very big however. You may have an old wood burning stove that you think for all intents and purposes works pretty well.and therefore you will wait until it stops working well before you replace it. That’s a mistake, fireplace issues aren’t the only time when you should consider a wood stove installation.

It’s a mistake because you can save lots of money by installing a modern wood stove and you can sleep well in the knowledge that you’re supporting the environment.

A modern wood burning stove is between 60 and 90 percent more efficient than a stove that’s 30 years old. You may think that your stove isn’t 30 years old but if you think again you might find that it is. You may have bought the home and the stove was in it or you’ve simply just stacked it for as many winters as you can remember and you’ve lost track. Or maybe it’s 25 years old and not 30.

If you have an old stove you are using more wood than you need to and that is costing you money. You might be using other forms of heating to supplement the lack of heat from your stove and that is also costing you money. None of that is factoring in the emissions you are sending into our vulnerable environment.

Am old stove is a false economy. If you buy a new stove you will recoup your investment in savings and over time you will be ahead, well ahead.

So buy a modern stove. Use only dry wood and preferably from trees that produce leaves rather than needles or cones – they burn more slowly. Avoid putting anything toxic in your stove and have your chimney swept regularly. If the smoke you are producing is practically transparent then you are doing all the right things.

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