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    8 Tips for Preparing your Fireplace for Winter

    As the weather turns from cool to crisp we spend time through the day, dreaming of a cozy evening hearthside.  Thoughts of slippers and hot chocolate creep into our days and we feel grateful for the warm home that awaits us.  If your fireplace has stood dormant through the long hot summer it pays to […]

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    Increase the Value of Your Home With a Fireplace Installation or Makeover

    The fireplace can be the most prominent and eye catching part of the home for all the right and wrong reasons. It’s one internal feature that can make or break a house sale. Done elegantly to either suit the aesthetic or set the aesthetic, it can be a game changer when it comes to selling […]

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    Does Your Fireplace Smell?

    We probably expect a bit of a mess occasionally and the residue of burning embers, but the one thing you won’t expect to come from your fireplace is an unpleasant odour. With fireplaces there’s a perception that if there are any nasties hidden in the chimney then the heat will get rid of them. But […]